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Air heaters, do you regret using them?

Issuing time:2020-07-16 09:29

Water heater is a necessary home appliance in every household. The common ones on the market are electric water heater, gas water heater, solar energy water heater and air energy water heater. Air heaters are the most expensive. Not long ago a few owners, capricious a wave, to their own commercial housing is not the top floor of the family bought air energy water heater. Be fooled by the businessman when buying feel value, wait for really after actual use just know, practical really need to be reevaluated!


1. Large volume and much space

Air can water heater, be about the same as air conditioning, use the principle of heat exchange, undertake heating to water, need greatly cister, have the kind of machine that is similar to air room outdoor even, took up a lot of space all of a sudden. To door model to compare small family, it is the thing that takes a place too really.

2. Installation is troublesome

As a result of air can water heater cent cister and outdoor unit, be in so install respect, also more trouble of course. And the use of air energy is not much, some dealers do not know the installation method of air energy.

3.Air can work noisily

Like the air conditioning outside the machine, when the work, the air can outside the machine work noise is bigger, even between the window and the wall, or can hear some noise, for the sound is more sensitive to the family, sleep at night but a more difficult thing.

4. Air can be used without saving money

Someone took air to be able to undertake comparative with electric water heater, gas water heater, actually the electricity consumption of air energy and electric water heater is about the same, although air energy water heater has certain save electricity advantage, but the advantage is not very apparent; In addition, compared to gas water heater, the disadvantage of air energy will be shown. Because for a lot of places, the cost of gas is cheaper, the word that USES gas water heater, do not need much money.

5. Expensive

Air can really is too expensive, when I bought, I do not know how to think, probably because I felt too rich. General family consideration will not consider!

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