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This system is based on electricity energy, heating cable for the heating element, 100% of the electrical energy into heat energy, by heating the ground of the room, in the form of low temperature thermal radiation, the heat conduction, convection and radiation into the room of three modes of heat transfer of radiant heat feels most comfortable, therefore, heating cable low-temperature radiation heating system is the world's hvac engineering recognized one of the ideal, advanced heating means.

The thumb, the working principle of heating cable low-temperature radiation heating system is heating cable after electrify, working temperature of 40 ° C - 60 ° C, through the ground as a radiating surface, with a small group of convective heat transfer around the heating air at the same time, most of the heat to the surrounding retaining structure, the object, the human body in a way of radiation transfer, retaining structure, the object and the body to absorb the radiant heat, raise the temperature of the surface, thus achieve the goal of improve and keep at room temperature.

Through the ground temperature probe laid in the floor or the room temperature probe in the thermostat, from the beginning of the action, cut off the development of the power supply of the hot cable, the heating cable to stop heating, when the indoor temperature reached the set value of the thermostat began to operate, cut off the development of the power supply of the hot cable, the heating cable to stop heating. When the temperature in the room is lower than the set value of the thermostat, the thermostat starts again, and the power supply of the heating cable is connected. The heating cable starts to heat, and so on.
Reasonable heating:
● the heat of the traditional radiator first to the roof, after cooling back to the ground is already relatively cold airflow, giving people a warm up and cool sense of disharmony, and because of the lack of fresh air, may make people produce dizziness, irritability and other discomfort.
● the heat generated by the ohleno electric floor heating system rises slowly from the ground, bringing you the comfortable enjoyment of warm feet and cool head. Floor heating can make indoor air flow speed is reduced without affecting comfort, make the dust in indoor air is reduced greatly.
● the system is far infrared to transfer heat energy to the human body, promote and improve the human blood circulation, is conducive to eliminate human fatigue and body function recovery, enhance metabolism, improve human immune function.
Heating cable, heating ground, control system.
Main materials: heating cable, thermostat;
Auxiliary materials: insulation layer (polystyrene board, extruded board and foamed cement), reflective film, wire mesh, concrete and other materials.

Eubno intelligent ground heating system is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving and hidden low temperature ground radiant heating system. With green environmental protection, energy saving, installation and maintenance cost low features, is you improve the quality of home, to create a comfortable and healthy life of the superior choice.

1. The material life of alloy heating element is more than 50 years.
2. Crosslinked polyethylene insulation layer, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, after 6000v high voltage continuous multiple tests.
3. Metal shield jacket, 8 tinning copper wire shield, eliminate electromagnetic field, without any health effects.
4. Safe and reliable waterproof sheath, 100% waterproof penetration.
5.PVC outer sheath, resistance to reinforcement corrosion, penetration resistance.
6. Original cold and hot wire implicit splicing to ensure the continuity and safety of the insulation layer.
The omunuo heating cable melting ice system USES electric power as the energy source/heating cable as the heating body, converting 98% of the electric energy into heat energy required for melting ice. After electrification, the heating cable works, so there is a temperature difference inside the concrete, heat conduction from the interior to the road surface, when the road surface temperature reaches 0℃, snow and ice continue to absorb heat and melt into water. In snow melting ice, due to the influence of wind speed, temperature difference, on the road because a portion of the heat conduction, convection and radiation loss, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of snow only 0.049 W/m squared K, because when there is snow on the road, the minimal heat loss and negligible, as of melting ice, snow coverage less and less, the stronger the pavement with air heat exchange, finally achieve the goal of snowmelt deicing.

Safety guarantee: on the one hand, this system provides safety guarantee for vehicles, eliminating the inconvenience and danger caused by snow and ice in winter, and on the other hand, it provides safety guarantee for pedestrians.
Economic and reasonable: the snow and ice covered by this system can be eliminated all-weather, avoiding the harm caused by a lot of salt and mechanical shoveling. Traffic accidents are reduced and the safety of vehicles is improved, thus causing fewer casualties and property losses.
The cost of comprehensive operation of the system is very economic, save the cost of salt, shoveling snow and ice, the system is free of maintenance, to ensure the service life.
Energy saving and environmental protection: clearing snow, ice and salt caused serious damage to the natural environment and road surface, and this system is the use of clean, efficient electric energy, environmental protection, safety.

System materials:
1.Omunuo dual-channel or single-channel heating cable with linear power of 26W/M.
2. Temperature control system, mainly including distribution box, special thermostat, circuit breaker, relay, leakage protector, etc.
3. Fixed heating cable reinforcement, wire mesh and other auxiliary materials.

Technical parameters:
● maximum temperature of outer sheath 65°C(149F)
● minimum bending radius: 5D
● rated voltage: 220VAC or 230VAC
● maximum heat resistant asphalt temperature 160°C (320F)
Omunuo road melting and heating cable (220V 26W/m) Model can be customized
During the cold winter months, snow on the roof can easily form icicles when it comes into contact with the cold eaves and may enter the interior of the building. Icicles are endangering families and pedestrians. In addition, downspouts can freeze or become clogged, leading to snowmelt overflows and burst downspouts. To solve problems like this, you may need to remove the ice manually, or even risk damaging your home by using construction machinery. But often the result is not satisfactory. Roof snow melting system is widely used for all types of roofing: metal, plastic, wood, asbestos, rubber or asphalt. This system can completely solve your worries and make winter more carefree.

Safety: the efficient and convenient drainage system can prevent the damage of the roof gutter and sewer pipes, and ensure that the roof is free from snow and ice.
Automatic: it can automatically measure the dissolution requirement of the working area, start and close in time.
Economical and reasonable: Low cost of installation and use, avoiding the damage and maintenance caused by accidents, and ensuring the service life.
Environmental protection: use clean, efficient energy, loved by users.
The heat preservation and anti-freezing system of ohlbno heating cable pipeline adopts very reliable electric heating technology, which heats the pipes, fluids or other process equipment that need heat preservation and anti-freezing, and makes up the heat lost by the fluids, so as to keep the temperature within the allowed range.

Quick startup: once there is a temperature difference between the set temperature of the system and the surface temperature of the pipe or equipment, the system will start up quickly in a very short time.
Temperature uniformity: the heat output control of eubno pipeline insulation and anti-freezing system is carried out according to the actual temperature of the pipeline. When the fluid in the pipe is still or the liquid level is different, the system can automatically adjust the calorific value to ensure the pipeline temperature uniformity.
Energy-saving economy: accurate temperature control can save unnecessary heating system, save living hot water recirculation system, reduce the use of buried deep pipe materials, thus reducing the installation cost and initial investment, but also reduce the daily operating costs.
Safe and reliable: high quality heating cable products, the use of very safe and reliable to avoid the occurrence of freezing pipe accidents caused by extremely cold winter days.
Application: eubno heating cable pipeline insulation and antifreeze system is suitable for various pipeline systems and process equipment, valves, tank antifreeze treatment and temperature maintenance. Such as
● building fire pipelines
● household heating heat pipe
● air conditioning system pipes and equipment
● oil pipelines
● building water supply and drainage pipeline
● domestic hot water pipes
● outdoor aboveground and underground pipes
● other chemical food industry high viscosity liquid pipeline
● especially suitable for the area where the equipment heating system is not suitable. There is no or small space for the installation of insulation materials, and the pipeline installation engineering field needs to reduce the buried depth of pipes.
Start up quickly: once the temperature of the system is adjusted and there is a temperature difference
between the delivery house and the nursery, the system will start up quickly in a very short time.
Uniform temperature: according to the actual temperature of delivery house and nursery house,
the output of heat needs to be controlled. So when the house temperature is too low or has reached
the set temperature, the system will automatically adjust the calorific value or shut down. Ensure that
the temperature is even, under the warm on the cool, dry and clean, comfortable.
High quality heating cable products are safe and reliable to use, avoiding frostbite and death of livestock and young caused by extremely cold winter weather, as well as burns caused by excessive heating temperature of traditional infrared lamps.
Easy maintenance:
system life up to 25 years, once installed, no maintenance. Can be washed directly, disinfection.
Energy-saving economy: accurate temperature control can save unnecessary heating system; Heat storage in concrete, not lost, good thermal stability, low electricity consumption. Low use cost. Perfect growth environment, can improve the survival rate of young, reduce the incidence of disease, and shorten the column cycle, reduce the cost of feeding, greatly improve the economic benefits.
Safe and reliable: the system runs without noise and electromagnetic interference. Significantly improved blood circulation in pups.
Soil Heating System
Introduction: The heating system of roots and soil of eupomonas plants is powered by electricity, and the heating cable is used as the heating element, which can prevent the soil from freezing by supplementing the heat in the soil. Low maintenance and maintenance cost, safe and reliable: suitable for heating the soil of sports ground, four seasons square and garden lawn. Features: Environmental protection: will not destroy the green natural environment, minimize the damage to the built lawn. And this system is to use the cleanest, effective electric energy, loved by users.
Load selection:
For market, garden and other plant root soil heating, the load demand is about 5W/m /°C (10.26 SQFT /F); For the heating of plant roots and soil in the playground, the load is usually 50-70w /m /°C(4.5-6.5 SQFT /F).
Automatic: it can automatically detect the heating requirements of the working area, start and close in time.
Economy: the cost of installation and use of this system is very economic, saving maintenance expenses, so that the lawn in the shortest possible time to restore the use. The system is maintenance-free to ensure service life.
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